About Us

Baier Arms is a small, family owned and operated firearms company that is here for you. My husband and I decided to name our company Baier (pronounced bear) Arms in honor of my grandpa, Theodore Baier. He was amazing to say the least. My grandpa survived one of the most tragic times in history, the Holocaust. He worked his way from only having a few cents in his pocket to becoming a United States citizen and living the American dream. He had a passion for guns for as long as I can remember and it only seemed fitting to name our company after him.

We moved our family to Simpsonville, South Carolina in the spring of 2016. My husband and I enjoy going to our range in our free time. We love practicing or just having fun with the kids. I worked for a major firearm retailer prior to moving here so I know the in’s and outs of buying, selling and transferring firearms. David has been a gunsmith for a few years and loves it as much as I do!  Add that along with our passion for guns and you have Baier Arms.

We knew when we started this company that we wanted to be different than the “other guys”. We know that time is valuable and that customer service is everything. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

David and Marjorie Hibler